About Advancor

About Advancor

Advancor, LLC is a leading distributor of raw materials and related logistics services provider for Fuel and Energy enterprises and Petrochemical complexes, as well as clients in all major global markets.

Advancor is part of the diversified structure of assets of Enercor Group of Companies– diversified private company focused on developing its investment projects that plays an active role in the investment market of the Russian Federation.

The head office of Advancor is located in Moscow. The company's operations are carried out in all major petrochemical centers in Russia, such as the Volga region, the Urals, and Western Siberia.

Advancor processes own raw materials, purchased both in Russia and in foreign markets, in a number of leading petrochemical enterprises in Russia and the CIS, and delivers high quality processed products to industrial customers.

In accordance with the current positioning in the market and its perspective business programs, Advancor is developing complex relationships with Russian and international clients, which has allowed the company to become a leader in wholesale of specialty petrochemical products in the Russian market and abroad.

As a reliable and stable company, Advancor enjoys trust and respect of its partners, based on strong professional relationships, high speed of its sound management decisions, and its flexibility in negotiations.


Advancor was developed by group of highly professional experts in the field of trading chemical raw materials, logistics services and the management of investment projects, with the goal of implementing the ideas and strategies of the Enercor Group of Companies in the Russian Petrochemical market.

Advancor is one of the main assets of the Enercor Group of Companies in the area of Petrochemicals and Related Businesses.

Advancor positions itself as an important strategic partner in the raw materials market and the market for processed petrochemical products. The company has experience working with major companies in Russia and abroad–the leaders in the industry segment.

A high level of professionalism and responsibility, and the timely and quality execution of tasks by experts of the company have been and remain the main principles of Advancor.

The staff is comprised of employees, including professionals with years of experience in the development and delivery of innovative products and technologies for the chemical and petrochemical industries.


We promote the sustainable development of the industrial sector of the Russian Federation, working on the ground of mutually beneficial industrial cooperation with manufacturers and consumers of high quality raw materials.


The Advancor Company's strategy is based on strengthening the position of a distributor of specialty industrial chemicals in domestic and foreign markets, diversification of assortment and geography of production. Moreover, special emphasis is placed on the continuous improvement of the quality of raw materials and products, using global environmental standards and the practices of leading industrial corporations as the benchmark.

The company’s interaction and partnership with industrial enterprises, laboratories and academic institutions permit development in the area of processing of raw materials, using modern technologies of the production process of industry segments.

The company is focused on opening new markets and the establishment of the most convenient, rapid and cost-effective logistics in the raw materials sector of the commodity exchange.

The values of our company ​​are the foundation for making professional decisions and our guideline for current and long-term actions:

  • Reliability,
  • Efficiency,
  • Quality,
  • Responsibility.

 In carrying out projects and solving problems, the Advancor Company is guided by the following basic principles of operation:

  • Mutually beneficial industrial cooperation,
  • Innovational development of the industry segment,
  • Environmental policy
  • Social responsibility.

The long-term development strategy of the company is focused on implementing the following activities:

  • Improving the efficiency of commercial supply chains to streamline the implementation process of raw material production and the provision of logistics services;
  • Implementation of the development of new products for strategic industry segment of the Russian Federation;
  • Implementation of internal control systems for the reduction of risks to the company;
  • The development of efficient business processes of strategic cooperation with manufacturers of petrochemical and chemical products based on raw materials;


The management of the organization consists of professional staff with extensive experience in large-scale investment projects, procurement and logistics, obtained in international and Russian companies, which is the key to successfully solving problems of varying complexity.

The top management of Enercor Group of Companies regulates and supports the activities of their own assets, which include the Advancor Company.

Implementation of a corporate program to improve the professional’s skills and career growth of the Company’s employees through the use of motivation, training and job rotation.