Personnel policies

The successful performance of any organization depends largely on the successful work of employees and implementation of social safeguards for personnel.

The Advancor Company provides its employees a competitive salary and full benefits package, including a number of additional bonuses and benefits.

The company's management takes care of the career growth of its staff, providing an individual system of development for each employee, including training in refresher courses, language courses and professional training.

Work in the Company

The Advancor Company provides ample opportunity for the discovery of one’s own potential and for the career growth of its employees.

The company's team consists of specialists with years of experience developing and delivering innovative products and technologies in the chemical, petrochemical and construction industries, as well as in the management of investment projects.

We welcome the arrival of energetic professionals who are ready to work in the company’s friendly and cohesive team.

The Advancor Company is also considering proposals for mutually beneficial cooperation in the development of new raw materials products of strategic importance, for the fuel and energy, and chemical industries, and is ready to participate in the financing and support of promising business plans.