Environmental Protection

Environmental protection

The environmental Policy of Advancor defines the goals, objectives, guidelines and principles of society in the areas of environmental protection and safety.

The mechanism for implementing the company’s environmental policy is based on the achievement of the following strategic objectives:

  • Implementing an environmental management system based on international standard ISO 9001;
  • Maintaining long-term research and development of new raw materials that meet all standards of environmental safety in the workplace;
  • Application of best available technologies in the implementation of projects;
  • Participation in the Russian and international development of environmental safety of products of the chemical and petrochemical industry;
  • Co-operation and exchange of experience with industrial enterprises, giving priority attention to industrial ecology, health and resource management;
  • Work with the company’s partners to implement projects of environmental certification of products, etc.

The Advancor Company's management views activities for environmental protection and life safety as an integral part of the development of their own business.