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Products And Services

Products and services

The Advancor Company collaborates with major industrial enterprises in the oil refining, petrochemical and chemical industries, with production located in the Volga, Siberian, and Ural Federal Districts, central Russia, as well as international industrial concerns.

The company offers a wide range of high quality chemical and petrochemical products of Russian and foreign production. Product lines include the import and export of all types of rubber, plastics and specialty chemicals for various industries. Also, Advancor supplies chemical and petrochemical products based on toll-processed raw materials.

In addition to supplying ready-made raw materials, the company is develops and introduces the new product lines for a variety of production processes, from rubber products and cable production to products for industrial cleaning and protective coatings. The interaction and partnership with the research institutes, engineering and technology companies permit the realization of ideas and developments that enable the best use of the results of new technological advances.


Advancor offers a diverse range of logistics services in support of supplied chemical raw materials and processed products.

The transport logistics, implemented by the company, is based on providing enterprises with the necessary raw materials and markets for their products. Advancor cooperates only with reliable logistic companies with long experience in cargo transportation in Russia and abroad.

The logistics services provided by the company are mature and reliable, and are not only competitive in pricing but also in quality and timely execution.

Imports and Exports

The Advancor Company is engaged in export-import transactions for the purchase, sale and delivery of petrochemical and chemical processing of raw materials and products in both domestic and foreign markets.

The delivery of commodity production is carried out by rail, sea and road transport with the execution of the terms of delivery, based on Incoterms 2000.

Engaged in commercial activities, carefully studying global trends in the markets, and conducting extensive market research, Advancor  is actively growing and steadily increasing its sales by offering its customers high-quality raw materials products, meeting world standards, at competitive prices.


From the extraction of oil to the production of the final chemical product, there is a long chain of processing and conversion of the oil molecules to a variety of chemicals, using a set of existing processing technologies.

Today’s chemical and petrochemical complex is the base segment of Russian industry, which is laying the foundation for its long-term sustainable development and having a significant impact on structural changes in the economy, resulting in significant macroeconomic effects, and influencing the competitiveness and economic growth of Russia in general.

Chemical production, by its very nature, is the most knowledge-intensive industry, requiring large investments to develop new, innovative products and technologies for their production.

The Advancor Company is engaged in intensive market research and the technical development of new raw material products, energy efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives to expensive raw materials components, as well as the improvement of processing technology, in order to identify the most promising and economically viable business plans and bring them to production in accordance with the technical procedures of application. The Company currently has a number of professional results in the field of new products for the Russian market of the petrochemical and chemical industries.

The company is successfully cooperating with several Russian research institutes and laboratories, providing rapid and efficient results in the research and development of new products and technologies for a number of industries.


The strategic partners of our company are organizations such as RAO Gazprom, Rosneft, Lukoil, Severstal, Russian Railways, TVEL-Invest, Norilsk Nickel, and SNHZ Finance.

Advancor is working with a number of major Russian banks: Uralsib, Sberbank of Russia, Promsvyazbank, Technology Development Bank and VTB.

Partnerships with well-known industrial organizations and leading representatives of the banking sector allow us to implement the most interesting business projects in the sector of petrochemical and chemical products of the commodities market, and it gives our customers a number of advantages, including a flexible pricing policy and best payment terms for the entire range of products.